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23 02 2024 Camerata Brima 2 Year Anniversary Of War In Ukraine V2


23 February 2024 19:30 - 23:00

We have received a total amount of 3200 euros for the Mobil hospital through this event.
Right after the concert, another 1350 euros was donated directly to the bank accompt of the hospital.

Here are two links to the concert on 23rd February 2024:
a) Short Version – a brief report of the event
b) Full Version – you could view the full concert again if you wish
c) Movie about First Volunteer Mobile Hospital in Ukraine PDMSH:

If you were moved by the event and want to contribute to the cause, please contact us or directly to the First Volunteer Mobile Hospital through the contact info below:

Charity Concerts & Financial Assistance:
www.cameratabrima.be | camerata@brima.be | +32 496 48 87 80

Financial assistance:
www.medbat.org.ua | info@pdmsh.ua | 0 800 33 49 03
The Brussels International Academy of Music (BRIMA) and Piano’s Maene Brussels, with the support of the Embassy of Ukraine in the Kingdom of Belgium, invite you to a charity concert dedicated to commemorate the victims of the war in Ukraine upon the two-year anniversary of the war on FRIDAY, 23rd February 2024, at 19:30, at Piano’s Maene Brussels.

Address: Rue de l’Argonne 37, 1060, Bruxelles (near the Midi station)

18:30 – 19:30 sale of traditional jewelry made by Ukrainian craftwoman, Lilia Mishchuk
19:30 – 21:00 “CAMERATA BRIMA”: a charity concert with a screening of a short film
21:00 – 22:00 Reception organized by the Piano’s Maene store management & sale of traditional jewelry

All profits received from the concert will be donated to the First Mobile Hospital in Ukraine.

On stage:
CAMERATA BRIMA is the chamber music ensemble of BRIMA, composed of talented young musicians (aged 10 to 25, most of whom have already won international competitions), as well as soloist singers.

Nataliya Chepurenko (Piano)
Anton Bondarenko (Piano)
Alexandra Novoseltsev (Violin)
Diana Tsymbrykevych (Violin)
Kateryna Lastochkina (Violin)
Matvii Merimerin (Violin)
Arina Sesmii (Viola)
Mariia Piekhtierieva (Cello)
Anastasia Varga (Soprano)
Olga Artemenko (Soprano)
Ostap Bachynskyy (Clarinet)
Chaim Rosenbaum (Guitar/Vocal)
Clémence Vandaele (Accordion)

The program includes European classical music and Ukrainian folk music.
The entrance fee is by donation, minimum 20 euros.
All profits will be donated to the First Mobile hospital, and the reception afterwards is free.

Reservations are required.
We hope to see many of you there!

Reservation is through this online form : Click Here

For more details, please contact: +32 496 48 87 80 | events@brima.be | www.cameratabrima.be