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About Us:

CAMERATA BRIMA is a project of the Brussels International Music Academy (BRIMA):

Chamber music ensemble composed of talented and advanced young musicians (from 10 to 25 years old) participating in numerous concerts and festivals in Belgium and abroad. The number of participants can vary: from 2 till 25 or more.

We can play various styles of music, from chamber music to orchestra repertoire. Most of our musicians won international competitions. All participants are pre-selected by the BRIMA administration. We perform classic, modern or folk music, we collaborate with soloists, high-level musicians and dancers.

Brussels International Music Academy (ASBL) www.brima.be

The largest private music school in Belgium since 2002: we provide individual and group lessons for several instruments combined with music theory, for adults and children (from 2 and a half till 99 years old!), available in many different languages. Lessons are given by professional and experienced teachers from all over the world. Our creative projects will help you to take your musical talents to the next level.